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I wonder who agrees with me..

I went to see my doctor this morning and just as i expected she asked me if i smoke weed. I told her yes and she immediately goes ” you shouldn’t smoke marijuana. I read a recent study that says it shrinks brain cells”. In my head I think, “oh really?”. I said that i thought alcohol was way more dangerous than smoking a joint every once in a while. She responds with “actually there are studies that show drinking a glass of wine a day increases cardiovascular health”.

I’m sorry, but when a teenager tells you that they are drinking alcohol, what makes you think they meant a glass of wine to improve their health? I was thinking more like vodka and rum. Even if that is true, drinking alcohol is more damaging to your liver than it is helping your heart.

So i asked her where she read this so called “study” and she said she received an e-mail that told her so. OKAY LADY! you are clearly using valuable resources.

So i decided to do a little research myself and she is right, smoking does shrink your brain cells…if you are one of those people that is smoking 5 joints a day for more than 10 years straight. Even then, it MAY only shrink your hippocampus and amygdala by 10%. But if you are aging and enjoying a joint every once in a while, who the hell cares if you loose a little bit of memory along the way?

Also, the immediate effects of weed are far less dangerous. have you ever heard of someone dying from smoking weed? no i didn’t think so. People who drink are far more reckless to themselves and the people around them when they are drunk than someone who is blazed out of their mind.

This is only my opinion, but if you are gonna tell me what to do, I want some hard evidence first. Meanwhile, she should probably rethink her approach to this issue. Its probably not wise of her to tell a kid to drink verse smoking a little pot.


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